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First, what happens after you've completed the application?

You will receive:
  • Your Distributor ID# to purchase your products at wholesale
  • Roadmap to Success training manual
  • Ongoing weekly email training
  • Membership in exclusive "Distributor Only" discussion group
  • Weekly live and recorded training calls (never have to leave your home for meetings)
  • Access to the Team Distributor Training and Resource website
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Distributor Website
  • Recruiting Website (exclusive to our team, if you choose to sponsor others)
  • Personal Website like this one (optional)
  • and so much more!

Getting Started Packages


There's not a faster way to create an income in this business than retailing the products. You SHOULD (and better) be in profit within 30 days of becoming a distributor -- unless you hide it all in a closet and don't let anyone smell these incredible candles!


Helping organizations achieve success.

There are hundreds of thousands of organizations across the United States and Canada looking for ways to earn more money every year.

Why not help them and earn money for yourself at the same time?

Imagine being able to show organizations in your area a fundraiser using the cleanest burning, longest scented gourmet candle. What a great product for the organization to smell and sell!

Team Building

Building a Sales Team and Why this Candle Business Could be for You ----- read on but DON'T LEAVE this website until you've requested The Power of Five Report!


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How can you make money in this business?
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