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Jar Candles, Votives & Melts

  • These candles won't harm your health or the environment and are a healthy alternative to other candle choices

  • These candles burn cool so they burn longer than some candles

  • These candles smell so good you could be tempted to reach for a spoon instead of a match!

  • These candles don't cost any more than other premium candles, but you get so much more

Our basically "soot-free" gourmet candles are made from natural materials such as vegetables and plants. This natural, renewable source burns clean and gives off little soot. Spilled wax may be cleaned up with soap and water.

We use only the highest quality fragrances infused throughout the entire candle so that you get the same incredible fragrance from top to bottom. These will smell as nice the LAST time you burn them as the very first time!

Our candles come in 16 oz. jars and 2-1/2 oz. votives.  Melts are also available in a variety of scents.

Be sure to check out the Electric Simmer Pot, just what's needed to get the most from the melts.

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The Bakery Line

The "Candle Maker's" commitment to making the BEST performing gourmet scented candle is what keeps our growing customer base coming back! These are easy to sell. WHY? Once you burn one of these candles, you'll know why!

I'll never burn another brand of candle again -- and I'm betting you won't either once you've experienced one.

Speaking of the candles --- enter my weekly drawing for a chance to win a FREE candle!

 Cleansing Bars

You can use our new "Cleansing Bar" to shower, shave and shampoo! Once you experience the benefits of this amazing body bar you will never want to go back to plain ordinary "soap" again!

Our Bar is much different from (and vastly superior to) ordinary "soap." Using ordinary soap is an exercise in "overkill" that cleanses the skin too much and that can leave your skin drier and itchier and (worse yet) ordinary soap can actually make your skin age faster!

Ordinary soap also helps deplete moisture from your skin which can weaken your immune system and can leave you more susceptible to toxins and bacteria!


A lady that I work with bought a Bath Bar from me the other day. She called me a few nights later to say, "I LOVE that soap --- That is the best soap I've ever used --- That's the cleanest I've ever felt --- You just feel squeaky clean all over!!!" Needless to say, she ordered 15 more that day -- some for herself and the others to give as gifts during the holidays! She's a walking commercial for our Bath Bars!

Amy in Mississippi

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There's not a faster way to create an income in this business than retailing the products. You SHOULD (and better) be in profit within 30 days of becoming a distributor -- unless you hide it all in a closet and don't let anyone smell these incredible candles!


Helping organizations achieve success.

There are hundreds of thousands of organizations across the United States and Canada looking for ways to earn more money every year.

Why not help them and earn money for yourself at the same time?

Imagine being able to show organizations in your area a fundraiser using the cleanest burning, longest scented gourmet candle. What a great product for the organization to smell and sell!

Team Building

Building a Sales Team and Why this Candle Business Could be for You ----- read on but DON'T LEAVE this website until you've requested The Power of Five Report!


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