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All About Team Building

Why this Candle Business Could be for You:

  • Perfect Side Business --- pleased with your current business? This makes a great complement without conflict to most. Could even be something for the spouse to pursue. With our Payout, this could build into a nice monthly income without ongoing effort.
  • People who have never had success sponsoring in other ventures are achieving their dreams
  • If you have 2 to 10 hours a week, you can accrue income of several hundred to several thousand dollars a month by leveraging your time
  • A very low cost of getting started as the CEO of your own business - under $50
  • With companies downsizing, job security isn't what it was; take control of your destiny
  • Most people can't retire on what they're earning; start to build retirement income now
  • Who really enjoys exchanging their lifetime hours from nine to five for not enough money at the end of the month; shouldn't you decide how much you're worth
  • You can have a lot of fun introducing others to this product and this team!

There has never been a time any better than right now --- this minute --- to build a network of business associates; team or partner with others, all the tools are in place.

It is NOT about bugging, harassing, or chasing your family and friends. None of us are in this business to make money by begging others - to buy our products or to join us in business.

Sure, we are in this business to earn an income (many are earning a substantial one, others are fast on their way to doing so) but more importantly, we are in this business to teach, train, mentor, and help others who have the DESIRE to do the same. By teaching others who are like ourselves (who love the candles and products we distribute), our monthly incomes increase.

Speaking of income, the RESIDUAL INCOME (which you'll benefit from if you choose to build a team) is easy to understand + simple to explain. It is well balanced and lucrative -- with NO sign-up fee to join (other than the 'product' selected), and with a sensible, LOW monthly maintenance cost. Of course, you’ll need a marketing budget, to promote, advertise and build your business.

- It's FAIR, this UNILEVEL Plan rewards the 'right' behaviors, and has a total payout of well over 50%

- It places strong emphasis on 'retail' (not found in most plans)

- It has unlimited 'width' -- and goes up to 8 levels in 'depth'

- It has a unique and generous Profit Sharing arrangement, with a Bonus Pool at the Leadership level -- one that has no blockage (compare that to Infinity Bonuses)


We don't try to sell anyone on this business. We only want partners who want to be in this business. Those who are talked into it, never make money and eventually quit anyway - wasting your time and theirs.

With this said, realize if you have never been in a business that involved 'recruiting' (and that word is scary) or you have been in a similar business before but experienced negative feedback from those you spoke with about the business, then you did not have the proper training.

Remember, we can earn money 3 ways; retailing, fundraising, and recruiting BUT each is optional.

If it's your choice to build a team, we have the proper training in place to see to it that you have success.

As a team, our main focus is ongoing education and training on our business and the products we offer but more importantly, we offer encouraging, ongoing personal development. How we develop as individuals is the most important ingredient to success.

You will be surprised as to how many people will COME TO YOU to ask to join your business - even if you have NO plans to build a team. We can't tell you the number of times this has happened by giving a candle gift, or someone seeing the web decal on our cars, or someone seeing a Help Wanted sign at a Home Business Expo.

And if you don't wish to teach those eager to build their own business, then that's what WE are here for - to support and teach ALL members of our group.

We even offer templates for YOU to have a website just like this one should you choose to build on the Internet.

To really understand the financial benefits of building a sales team, request the Power of 5 Report.



There's not a faster way to create an income in this business than retailing the products. You SHOULD (and better) be in profit within 30 days of becoming a distributor -- unless you hide it all in a closet and don't let anyone smell these incredible candles!


Helping organizations achieve success.

There are hundreds of thousands of organizations across the United States and Canada looking for ways to earn more money every year.

Why not help them and earn money for yourself at the same time?

Imagine being able to show organizations in your area a fundraiser using the cleanest burning, longest scented gourmet candle. What a great product for the organization to smell and sell!

Team Building

Building a Sales Team and Why this Candle Business Could be for You ----- read on but DON'T LEAVE this website until you've requested The Power of Five Report!


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